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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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according to neighbors, witnesses to the fire stunned. >> the fire, it was higher than the castle 6789. >> reporter: at 16,000 square feet witnesses said the fire lit up the predawn sky, the house in ruins as the sun came up. google earth shows the palacelike building before the tragedy. >> that's yesterday it was there. now it is not there. people may have lost their lives. it just makes you aware how everything can change very, very quickly. >> the first indication of a problem was a call we received from an alarm monitoring company who advised us they were receiving alarms from the first and second floor and that was quickly followed by the first 911 call from a neighbor advising they were seeing flames from the house. >> reporter: investigators from the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms were called in to assist in the investigation. not suspicious but certainly mysterious, a search for as many as six bodies, now the next major step in the
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investigation. mr. pile currently the ceo of a company called smart logic in reston, virginia. officials there told reporters they have not heard from him and they for a miracle." the building so large it will likely take heavy cranes to uncover the victims believe lost. the atf is bringing in a national response team to begin that work. it may not start until wednesday. scott broom, wusa9. >> they haven't been able to get in to recover bodies. i suppose it's way to early to talk about a possible cause. >> reporter: way too early to talk about a cause, although for the moment they say it does not appear there are any india suspicious nature here, but it's a huge building. they have a lot of material to go through. new information on the toddler found walking the streets of southeast d.c. without any shoes on all by himself. debra alfarone has been
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investigating all day long and she's live in southeast. what happened? >> reporter: apparently someone saw that little boy walking right around here and flagged down a pacing come. the good news is tonight he's -- a passing cop. the good news is tonight he's okay and even is back with his family. that has a lot of people asking questions and reacting. >> oh, my gosh, sad, sad. >> reporter: it was almost 1 a.m. monday morning when someone saw something they couldn't believe, a 2 or 3-year-old toddler walking here on morris road in southeast, no shoes on alone. >> i think that's a disgrace. i think that's a disgrace. >> reporter: police say they were flagged down and took the children to d.c.'s child and family services agency. >> it was a good thing that someone found the kid and got him to child protective services. >> reporter: not long after child and family services reunited the boy with his parents. some we talked to before we found out details balked at this. >> she should ne kid back.
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>> they need to do something about the parents. >> accidents happen. >> reporter: mindy good is director of communication for cffa. she can't comment about specifics due to confidentiality, but sources say the child was in the care of a baby-sitter. after being put to sleep he managed to push his way out of a first floor window. good tells us why he's back with his family. >> this little guy believe it or not woke up in the night in a perfectly safe situation, decided he was going to take off and was actually able to get outside. we had people appropriately distraught here calling around to find him and so we were able to get everybody back together safely. >> reporter: good says she's been at this for about 20 years. she says that those parents sounded appropriately panicked. they investigated and concluded this was an accident. she also said this kind of accident happens a couple of times a year. live in anacostia tonight, debra alfarone, wusa9.
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right now virginia's governor is in the hospital. terry mcauliffe was taken there for a medical procedure for an injury he suffered several weeks ago. hank silverberg is in the newsroom with the details now. >> a statement from the executive mansion says governor mcauliffe has seven broken ribs and fluid building around his lungs after an accident he suffered while on safari on tanzania back during christmas vacation with his family. the governor was admitted to vcu hospital for a procedure today after doctors identified increased fluid around his lungs. the governor am thrown off a horse while riding in africa on his family vacation. his spokesman says it's not a dire thing and the governor has continued to work since the accident. in fact, he's showed no sign of the injury last week when he made his state of the commonwealth speech which was broadcast live across the state. mcauliffe also attended a martin luther king event this morning in norfolk and did a
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sitdown interview with local media just hours before he was admitted to the hospital. the spokesman says mcauliffe was uncomfortable the last three weeks and went up for a checkup today and the doctors decided to admit him. the governor's spokesman says mcauliffe should be back in action within two or three days. temps are dropping after a sunny day, but first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking a clipper that could affect both commutes on wednesday. >> clippers are kind of a small little system. they don't have a lot of moisture, fast moving, have pretty good upper dynamics. this one will held our way on wednesday. 6:00 in the morning just clouds on our futurecast. it may get in after the morning commute. all the models are not in agreement. some are more healthy. some are taking the storm north of us. this is 10:00, still dry in the metro, snow breaking out southwest of culpeper and charlottesville. snow is in blue and mixed
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precipitation is pink and just plain old-fashioned rain into southern maryland. it pretty much disperses and goes north by 5:00. we'll monitor this for you. it could affect both commutes. in the meantime after looking ahead for the clipper on wednesday the critical times we think now 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and it equals light rain and/or snow. we're also tracking another system on saturday, much more potent. going to make sure this stays south of us. we'll come back and talk about how much colder it will be tonight. hundreds made their way to northeast d.c. today for the memorial service of carol glover, the woman who died in last week's l'enfant plaza smoke incident. >> her son anthony glover had a very touching eulogiae gave today with a lot of great -- eulogy he gave today with a lot of great memories of his
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mother. carol glover did suffer from asthma. today it was not about this. it was about honoring and paying respects to their loved one. >> if there's anything we'd like to say to the people in d.c., that my mother lived a great life and everything that she did here was for others. >> reporter: even thanking the media for being there anthony glover told cameras he wants people to remember the legacy his mother now leaves behind, the many lives carol glover touched seen in person monday in a packed capitol hill baptist church where memorial services were held for the l'enfant plaza victim with it even alexandria's mior in attendance. -- with even alexandria's mayor in attendance. >> this demonstrates the impact carol had on people. >> i just think about all the great times we had versus all of the tragedy that goes on in the world. i just try to celebrate her life. >> reporter: cameras weren't allowed inside the church, but during the service family used the train and tracks as a
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metaphor to the religious life glover lived never straying from the faith and in an uncanny coincidence glover's mother also told those in attendance of how glover's father died, also from smoke inhalation in a home fire, but she said this happened on the same january day carol glover passed around 33 years ago. while she called that a sign, they're both in a better place, glover's mother said she wants her daughter's life to stand for change. jonathan rogers, a passenger who did cpr on glover nearly 20 minutes, was also at the service today and agrees. >> there really should be an opportunity for metro to improve and prevent something like this from ever happening again because there's no reason it should have happened. >> carol glover leaves behind several family members including two sons. i'm stephanie ramirez for wusa9 news. >> thank you, stephanie. bruce leshan will have the latest on the investigation into last week's metro tragedy at five:30. today the country remembers dr. martin luther kiveral events in
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washington today honoring dr. king. >> the day began with a wreath laying ceremony at the king memorial down at the tidal basin. secretary of homeland security jay johnson delivered marks at the event. d.c.'s new mayor muriel bowser was also there to honor the slain civil rights leader. the tributes continued a few hours later in southeast washington. the mlk holiday peace walk and parade got underway around 11:00 this morning on the street named after the late civil rights leader. it's the biggest and best parade in all the years. there were rolling street closures throughout the event. that apparently caught some metro drivers off guard forced to turn their buses around. in chevy chase one woman discovered something certainly not in the spirit of the day. >> reporter: four days after a black family moved into this chevy chase home they wake up on martin luther king's birthday to find a scary racist message painted in red on their
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garage door right there. >> i find it horrific. >> reporter: who did it and why? montgomery county police are investigating. i'm peggy fox. coming up at 6:00 we'll have neighbors' reaction and find out how that message got removed so fast. now the washington redskins name change debate, this time a civil rights group that's worked closely with the nfl. earlier this month the group complaint about how the redskins conducted their search for a general manager. now the fritz collard alliance says it's time for the name to go. owner dan snyder is on record saying the redskins name is intended to honor native americans. pope francis and a catholic news agency are confirming what we heard last week. the pontiff will visit d.c. as part of a three-city u.s. trip next september. pope francis discussed the news on a trip to rome today. other cities on the tour include new york and
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philadelphia. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. joe biden drive-by, shots fired outside the vice president's residence in delaware, that story at 5:30. >> plus topper is back with your extended forecast including what could be a messy community wednesday. >> as the nation-- messy commute wednesday. >> as the nation comes together, i have that story coming up. >> now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sun lit path of racial justice. now is the time to make justice a reality for
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you know sports is a microcosm of society so, it stands to reason the nfl holiday means something in that world as well. >> diane roberts joins us more with what the hometown washington wizards are doing to celebrate today. >> every year they have a opinion discussion. this is the 12th -- a panel discussion. this is the 12th year they've done it. they have a opinion and audience of teenagers. the youngsters run the gamut of ages but this year with the michael brown case this year was mostly young male voices. michael brown is the black ferguson, missouri teen shot and killed at hands of white police officer darren wilson. eric garner died when a new york officer used an illegal chokehold on him.
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both cases sparked outrage and many violent protests. >> there's one way to build policy and that's to organize people. >> reporter: but it's peaceful protests on the minds of this crowd as the washington wizards honor the martin luther king holiday with the we are dreamers panel discussion. >> blessed to play 11 years in the nba. >> reporter: one of the panelists? former wizard aton thomas. he wore an i can't breathe t- shirt, the words eric garner choke as he was choked to death. thomas is passionate about young men of color finding their way in the world. >> when you step out into the street, you're not going to be treated the way you should be treated, right? but you got to learn a way to rise above that and find a way to make it anyway. >> reporter: chris harris said he grew up in an emotionally and physically abusive household but knows fighting is not the answer. today's society we see things tend to come full circle. with the things that are happening now it's the same
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narrative as we said over and over again and for me i always saw it as okay, that means we need to do something. we can talk, have discussions, march, but it takes the action. >> you can't go about things reacting. you have to actually sit down and think about it. life is like a game of chase. you always have to think three steps ahead. >> reporter: fritz hopes to be -- chess. you always have to think three steps ahead. >> reporter: fritz hopes to be part of that change. >> social media, one tweet, one facebook post could bring together a group very quickly and today they talked a lot about peaceful action, using your minds to make change and i think those kids got the message. >> one of my son's best friends is a police officer. so we've had a lot of discussions on all this. the three of us agree that when an officer stops you, you do what the officer says. >> absolutely. >> you don't meet the officer with de. >> never. >> and if the officer is
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behaving in a way you don't like, we take care of that stop other time. you get an attorney if you have to. >> you can't have attitude. >> you don't these an officer with attitude as officers say. weather made for a deadly and dangerous weekend on the roads. icy slick roads caused pile-ups from coast to coast. at least four people were killed in a pileup outside philadelphia. another motorist died in a new jersey crash. hundreds of other accidents were reported including a 15- car pileup near the george washington bridge. >> it was black ice like completely black ice. people were screaming get out of your car. get out of the road, get out of the road and i turn around and another car was coming and same thing happened one car after another. >> cell phone video captured paramedics and bystanders rescuing a man in a 30-car wreck in new jersey. they used a blanket to haul him across the slick road because ambulances couldn't get close enough. meanwhile our temperatures
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are starting to drop a little bit. >> nothing crazy, so far pretty quiet january. >> what we just saw is crazy. >> actually another fatal accident there was this morning in vermont for ice. we're looking at sort of a calm night, still tracking the clipper on wednesday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, beautiful shot. look at the color on the river. we have not enhanced that. it's natural. you're welcome. right now 48 degrees. our average high is 42. today was really a very pleasant day. we talked about that except for the winds. now the winds have calmed down west, northwest at 3. with some clear skies to partly cloudy skies it will be a little colder tonight. bus stop temperatures cold, 26 to about 38, but no wind chills to worry about tomorrow for the kids. clouds will increase on tuesday, but still kind of a quiet day and then wednesday the clipper arrives which equals, well, some light rain and light snow at this point, but again the models are all
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over the place as to what type of precipitation and also as to how much. here's our midweek clipper. again they're fast moving storms. they don't have a lot of moisture. again, this is a mixture of rain and snow. i think south of town it's going to be mainly rain, certainly south and east of i- 95 into southern maryland, mainly rain. north of the maryland/p.a. border probably a better chance of accumulating snow, especially by wednesday evening. in the meantime we'll concentrate on tonight with the futurecast, 8:00 tonight mid- 30s to around 40 downtown. that's really pretty comfortable. in fact, it's about perfect if you want to do a quick walk or jog. by 10:00 walking the dog still not bad. 33 in gaithersburg, 32 manassas, 34 in la plata, 39 downtown. i think downtown area will not make it below freezing tonight, which is kind of unusual for january. 6:00 in the morning we're right around freezing. there could actually be upper 20s by 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. 9:00 a few clouds roll in, not
5:20 pm
a big deal, 36 in manassas and leesburg, 37 downtown, still need your shades tomorrow. nice day to walk to lunch, mid- to upper 40s and no wind. by 5:00 a few clouds begin to roll in, especially frederick, gaithersburg, leesburg and points north ahead of the clipper, but temperatures in the mid-40s pretty much across the board. tonight again partly cloudy, cold, 26 to 34 but really not that bad in the scheme of things, winds west, northwest at 10. by morning partly cloudy and cold. some clouds come in late, 26 to 42 and by afternoon pretty nice, increasing clouds, just cool, high temperatures 45 to 50 with light winds. that's a victory for january, believe me. break it down. again city temps, so above freezing to start, 37 at 9:00, 43 at 11:00 and 47 at 1:00 with sunshine with pretty much
5:21 pm
washington monument calm winds. next -- pretty much calm winds. next seven days friday quiet, colds, upper 30s to near 40 and we're watching a storm with much more potential to our south. it should stay to our south, maybe a flurry saturday night and cold and dry sunday, flurries and colder on monday. if you drink, got to get your beer delivered to your doorstep with the press of a button. >> time to cancel the pizza party? some concerning news about kids
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in tonight's health alert, well, not too many people have confused pizza with health food, but a new study shows how bad it can be for kids. when youngsters eat pizza, it makes up 40% of their daily calories with plenty of sodium and food and it's cheap and red -- and fat and it's cheap and readily available. nearly one in five children ate pizza on any given day. looking into engine compartment smoke in about 50,000 jeep grand cherokees on the 2015 model year and two 2013 nissan rogue models are
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being recalled because the air bags improperly inflate. it involves 195,000 vehicles. nearly eight of 10 tax filers can expect a refund this year according to a recent survey. people who earned less than 50,000 in income in 2014 have the best chance of getting their check from the internal revenue service. while a few plan to save that extra cash, the study finds most people will use their tax refund to pay down bills, buy a car or book a vacation. the irs and the free file alliance have apparentlied to offer free tax preparation and e-filing software. that service is open to individuals who earn $60,000 a year or less. you can only get access to the software at we've got more on the irs free file on our wusa9 app. now you can have your beer delivered straight to your door thanks to anheuser-busch. >> the new app the bud light button lets beer drinkers order
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from one to 100 cases of brew from their smartphone. the brew ski is promised to be delivered within an hour. the bud light app will launch here in the washington d.c. region. >> can't wait. drive-by shooting at vice president biden's home, the investigation coming up. >> the hunt for an 18-year-old and his their teen-year-old girl friend, how authorities -- and his 13-year-old girl friend, how authorities caught up with the bonnie and clyde duo. >> reporter: one big question on the smoke problem with metro, why did the passengers have so much trouble with exits? >> we're going to walk nonviolently and peacefully to let the nation and the world know we are tired now.
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verizon fios. were some of the passengers trapped on that smoke filled metro train trying to get out the wrong door? that's a question in an e-mail from one of the first firefighters on the scene at the tragedy at l'enfant plaza les week. bruce leshan is live -- last week. bruce leshan is live at headquarters with more on that. >> reporter: metro is supposed to brief d.c. council members tomorrow and council member silverman tells me one of her first questions is going to be about the trapped passengers and firefighters who say they could not find the emergency door release.
5:30 pm
>> please remain calm. please do not open the doors. >> reporter: in d.c.'s initial report on the crisis fire lieutenant steven kuntz says firefighters pounded on the -- audio difficulties ] all right. so basically the issue is this, that firefighters said that they got on the train after they got all the people off and they couldn't figure out what the deal was with the emergency door release. some of the passengers told them they actually were messing with the plastic. they called it a valance, a cover and only then after up doing a couple screws they could get off the door, but the other issue about that is apparently metro cars are only hooked up with two emergency exit doors. they're the two center doors in the train. the other doors, you can get out them if you have to, but you do have to mess around with them. the emergency doors have a plastic cover or whatever
5:31 pm
marked in red. you can get out that way. we'll talk later as well about emergency communications. the firefighters say they had a lot of trouble communicating in the tunnel, but there is an interesting coincidence here, which is that d.c. fire just encrypted its radios within a month or so of this incident and d.c. fire was apparently the only agency that was having trouble with the communications. that's one of many issues that are going to be worked out by the ntsb gotten to the bottom of. jan, back to you. right now the investigation continues into the drive-by shooting this weekend at the delaware home of vice president joe biden. biden and his wife were out for the night. the vice president's property sits off the main road and just before 8:30 saturday night shots came from a vehicle on a public road outside the security perimeter. the secret service agent stationed at the top of biden's vehicle speeding away. president barack obama is gearing up for tomorrow night's
5:32 pm
state of the union address. the president is already talking about how his proposals will strengthen the middle class. 1 plan is to raise the capital gains rate on the wealthiest americans while offering free college tuition for some and middle class tacks credits, but with the gop -- tax credits, but with the gop now controlling both houses in congress his proposals appear dead on arrival. >> raising taxes on people that are successful is not going to make people struggling more successful. >> i think we should have a debate in this country between middle class economics and trickle down economics and see if we can come to an agreement on the things we do agree on. >> the president has a plan to reform the tax code tuesday. that is an item he may be able to find common ground with republican leaders on. a pro golfer thankful to be possibly being drugged and beaten and robbed on friday. robert allenbee was at a wine bar with his caddy and friend and became separated from them
5:33 pm
at some point. a homeless woman saw him getting dumped at a park 6 miles away. the crooks evidently made off with his cash, credit cards and cell phone. talk about a miracle, a man alive after being trapped in the back of a garbage truck that was compacting trash. the sacramento man was digging around in a dumpster for a lost wallet when a truck scooped him up. he first told responders he used wooden planks to create a pocket around him so he would not get crushed. >> he described the area that he built around him as a coffin. so those were his words. we're fortunate that it didn't turn out to be a coffin. >> the man was trapped in the truck 3 1/2 hours before being dumped at a landfall and he cheated death once again when a man spotted him before he was crushed by a bulldozer. >> lucky guy. the manhunt over for an 18- year-old and his 13-year-old girl friend. >> dubbed bonnie and clyde by some, the duo's alleged crime
5:34 pm
spree spanned several dates in the southeast before they were caught in florida. vicente arenas reports the new details. >> reporter: the long arm of the law caught up with the duo in a parking lot in panama beach city, florida. u.s. marshals received a tip and shortly after midnight sunday the pair were found asleep inside a toyota truck that had in georgia. >> the sheriff's office and panama city police and beach department and u.s. marshals surrounded the vehicle and gave them absolutely no way out. >> reporter: hayes was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from justice. phillips was placed in the care of children's services. last week the pair was spotted inside a wal-mart in south carolina. authorities were worried about their increasing brazenness. the last truck they allegedly stole contained two guns. the couple vanished earlier this month from kentucky shortly before mayes was due in court -- hayes was due in court for burglary and theft charges. phillips told her mother about their plans. >> she said we're just going to
5:35 pm
run and i said no. you all don't need to do that because dalton was supposed to be in court that monday morning. >> reporter: their crime spree spanned five southern states, but unlike bonnie and clyde, hayes and phillips are only suspected of using forged checks and stealing vehicles while on the run. hayes posted on his facebook the two were engaged. hayes' mother said he bought her an engagement ring and that phillips even claimed she was pregnant. >> she first told my son that she was pregnant. she shouldn't have been but maybe like three weeks pregnant or something and she sent him an ultrasound picture via a text and that was not her pregnancy picture. >> hayes and phillips are due in a florida courtroom tomorrow or wednesday. people are going to dangerous new lengths to make their pot more potent, the explosive dangers of homemade hash in a little bit. >> trending right now birthday bill, why parents slapped a 5-
5:36 pm
year-old with an invoice. an american cyber controversy what michael moore tweeted that has some people furious tonight. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, a brisk night, temperatures a little below freezing in the suburbs. forecast lows 29 in rockville, 28 fairfax, 27 sterling, 26 leesburg, 29 bowie. we'll come back, talk about clouds increasing tomorrow ahead of one clipper and
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taking a look at stories trending now, miss a birthday party? get a bill. don't you forget it, bruce. it's a story that's heating up on neighbor today. >> 5-year-old alex told his buddy he would be attending his shindig and according to the plymouth herald in the uk something came up and alex went on a trip with his parents. he wasn't there. well, a couple weeks later alex's parents found an invoice in his backpack for about 16 pounds or $24 for a no show fee. a lot of you checked out the new clint eastwood movie american sniper over the weekend. >> but some tweets from michael moore are raising more than a
5:40 pm
few eyebrows. the filmmaker tweeted my uncle killed by a sniper in world war ii. we were taught snipers were cowards, will shoot you in the back. snipers are not heroes and invaders are worse, but if you're on the roof of your home defending it from invaders coming 7,000 miles, you are not a sniper. you are brave. you are a neighbor. newt gingrich fired right back and said michael moore should spend a few weeks with isis and boco haram. then he might appreciate american sniper. i am proud of our defenders. moore did claim his tweets were not about the film. >> but the film got him talking and that's what it's meant to do. >> reporter: trending on youtube. sir roman atwood killed two birds on one stone with this plastic ball prank. had he an entire floor of his home filled up with -- he had an entire floor of his home filled up with he and his kids romped around. then when he knew his girl friend was coming home, he piled up all the balls next to a door. >> welcome home.
5:41 pm
>> i want to hear her response. more than 2 million views on the video since it was posted yesterday. >> that is awesome. my daughter would love that. and the very latest scandal involving the new england patriots, did the patriots intentionally deflate football? kristen berset will have more coming up in sports. but next. >> reporter: gas prices are at five year lows, but why do they vary so much from state to state? i'm jill wagner in new york. that story is coming up. >> how long? not long because no lie can live forever. >> yes, sir! >> how long. because you shall reap what
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gas prices at five year lows due to the falling price of crude oil. >> still drives in some part of the country are paying a lot more than others. >> reporter: recent college graduate lenariel bertu says every time she fills up her tank lately it costs less. gas prices have fallen by more than $1 a gallon from a year ago. >> i'm saving 20, 30 bucks. it's really good. >> reporter: she pays more in
5:45 pm
new york than drivers in states like texas, oklahoma or even new jersey just a few highs away. >> prices can vary really -- miles away. >> prices can vary really significantly place to place. a lot of that can cause consumer confusion. >> reporter: there's several reasons why gas prices can vary state to state. aaa says more than half the cost is for crude oil. add to that the federal gas tax, 18.4 cents a gallon and then state taxes. new jersey and alaska have the lowest. hawaii, pennsylvania and new york have some of the highest. drivers also pay transportation and shipping which is why americans living near oil refineries which turn the crude into usable gasoline will pay a lot less at the gas pump. >> along the west coast your gas prices are often cheapest in the country because about half the united states refinery capacity is in that area. >> reporter: now we have to keep it this way. >> keep it going low and
5:46 pm
everyone is happy. >> reporter: she spends the money she saves on other things. >> i get to shop more now. >> reporter: in new york jill wagner, cbs news. >> the federal gas tax has not been raised since 1993. java junkies, have we got the appliance for you. this is general electric's cafe series refrigerator. it has the keurig coffeemaker built in, but wait. it gets even better. you can control when you decide to brew your coffee using a mobile app from your smartphone or tablet. this technology is not cheap. it costs about 3,300 bucks and should be available in the fall. in tonight's health alert here's a new reason to get up off your duff. a new study linked too much sitting around to a higher risk cancer, diabetes, heart disease and early death and it applies even to people who otherwise exercise regularly. here's the author of the study of the toronto ruble takes institute. toronto-- rehabilitation
5:47 pm
institute. >> even if we do our hour or half hour of exercise per day does not give us the reassurance sitting the other 23 hours of the day is okay. >> what do you do? take a walk with the dog or neighbor's dog, take the stairs instead of the elevator. if you have to sit at work, get up and move around every couple minutes every half hour. always watching ailed tracking wusa9 always -- always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> a little colder tonight, quiet tomorrow and tracking the clipper wednesday, not as strong as the clipper two weeks ago, light rain or snow possible wednesday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures still pretty nice for this time of year, 48 downtown, winds light north west at 3 and dew point pretty low. we have partly cloudy skies tonight and light winds. it's going to fall pretty fast
5:48 pm
tonight, but i think probably remain above freezing downtown, but colder tonight in the burbs. bus stop temperatures, 26 to 38, no worries about wind chill tomorrow. that's still kind of cold for the kids and you, too, if you're walking them to the bus stop. clouds increase tomorrow but still kind of a tranquil tuesday, catch our breath. clipper arrives wednesday and again the models are all over the place as to how much precipitation is coming and what form it will take. i think if you are west of the divide, it's good news for the ski resorts and around the maryland/p.a. border, that's the best chance of accumulating snow at this point. clippers start in canada and race southeastward. they don't have time to tap the gulf of mexico or the atlantic. they are going to race to the ohio valley and to the immediate metro area. pure snow probably north of the mason-dixon line, mixture in town, south of town rain down toward charles county, st.
5:49 pm
mary's county and calvert county. tonight 8:00 generally clear skies, mid-30s to around 40 downtown. by 10:00 above freezing about everywhere, 32 maybe in manassas, 33 in gaithersburg, already 36 in hagerstown, pretty good for late night. by morning we'll see some upper 20s and low 30s. so 6:00 downtown probably above freezing, but 32 in gaithersburg and leesburg and maybe 31 in manassas and culpeper and fredericksburg. even that is not below average this time of year. some clouds mid- to late morning, not a huge deal, temperatures upper 30s. by 1:00 really a pretty nice day to walk to lunch, mid- to upper 40s and a few clods, very little wind. by 5:00 clouds continue to work their way north and south, mostly cloudy skies in hagerstown down toward leesburg and gaithersburg, still mostly clear in the southern part. by 7:30 clouds thin out with
5:50 pm
temperatures upper 30s and low 40s. tonight partly cloudy, cold, reasonably cold, 26 to 34, winds west, northwest at 10. by morning partly cloudy and cold, some clouds coming in late in the morning, but you still need your shades, 26 to 42. by afternoon increasing clouds and really just cool, almost mild, high temperature 45 to 50 with light winds. the day planner, looking at pretty much pure sun, 34 at 7:00, 37 at 9:00, downtown temps, 43 at 11:00 and 47 at 1:00. that's a pretty good deal. next three days there's your rain and snow showers wednesday, 41. we may have to make that a yellow alert and low 40s thursday but lots and lots of shine. next seven days near 40 friday, which is about average, upper 40s to mid-40s on saturday. models are still tracking a storm to the south. most are in agreement it will
5:51 pm
stay to our south. we will keep a close eye on that because that storm, unlike the clipper has a lot of moisture, cold sunday, upper 30s and flurries possible monday with highs holding in the mid-30s. controversy already wraps itself around super bowl xlix just hours after the new england patriots handily won the afc championship. reports started swirling of an nfl investigation into deflated footballs. it's been dubbed deflategate. per nfl rules the home team provides 36 footballs tested with a pressure gauge by a referee about two hours before kickoff. the nfl is investigating whether the patriots intentionally deflated the footballs during the game. it rains pretty much throughout the entire afc championship which made the footballs slippery, but a slightly deflated ball would be easier to throw and catch. several patriots players were asked about this today. >> they felt fine. i mean i don't know anything about that.
5:52 pm
>> i don't know anything about that, but i don't touch footballs. i tackle. >> we try to do things the right way. we work hard at our jobs, at our professions to be successful and it's unfortunate that things like this come up. >> tom brady laughed it off today, too, saying i think i've heard it all now. this isn't the first time the patriots were surrounded by controversy. remember spygate in 2007? patriots were fined $750,000 lost their first round draft pick after they were caught videotaping opposing coaches' signals. really weird situation up there. >> it's happened before. you kind of look at it with a little bit sharper eyes because you know it's not beyond reproach, right? >> but at the same time it's like are they really that dumb again to do something like that? they didn't need an advantage yesterday obviously, but are they really that dumb again? >> both teams are playing with the same ball, right?
5:53 pm
so it's an advantage for me and you, right? >> yeah. jan, you brought up the point maybe the colts weren't used to playing with a deflated ball. >> one of the colts coaches spotted it. there was supposedly a delay in the game. >> they pulled a ball out of the game, right? >> if that game had gone into overtime or something, okay, but please. hope they don't spend too much on the investigation. plenty more is coming up in sports. the wizards play today, mlk day matinee which was more like a scrimmage, those highlights, plus the latest on the national's big deal with max scherzer, see you then. but first six people is missing and hope of finding them alive is fading after a quick moving fire swept through their home. >> a side effect nobody expected from the legalization of marijuana, up next why there been an increase in explosions in colorado.
5:54 pm
>> my poor little children will one day live in a nest where they will not be -- a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream. [ cheering and
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laminate flooring. 877-241-luna. people in colorado learning about a new risk tied to legalizing marijuana. >> some people are blowing up their homes trying to make a form of more highly concentrated pot.
5:57 pm
a john blackstone reports, regulators are searching for ways to fight this potentially deadly threat. >> reporter: it's the kind of explosion meth labs are notorious for, but investigators say this fire was the result of a homemade hash oil lab in california. this blast in washington state was also blamed on someone using flammable butane gas to make hash oil, a potent form of marijuana. officials say such explosions have nearly tripled incolorado in the two years since voters legalized recreational marijuana there. paul manioni was charged with illegally possessing the substance after an explosion last year. robert cory is his corner. >> accidents don't mean that a crime has occurred. >> reporter: last month colorado's then attorney general john suthers said the state is experiencing a real public safety issue as a result of unsafe and unlicensed manufacturing and production. he says while marijuana is legal under the law,
5:58 pm
manufacturing the drug's oil at home is not. cory says that doesn't make sense according to state law. >> the constitution says marijuana is legal. this is the equivalent of manufacturing olive oil, which is legal, the equivalent of frying a turkey, which is legal. the substance that you're using is a substance that is legal under our laws. >> reporter: colorado does allow licensed commercial producers like brent mowser to process hash oil. >> we've gone from a garage to laboratory method. >> reporter: he says it's a safer alternative and that colorado could crack down on home production by restricting bulk butane sales, the same way sales of cold medicine are limited to deter meth production. >> you limit the sales of cans of butane you will limit the explosions. four days after a black family moved into this chevy chase home they wake up on martin luther king's birthday
5:59 pm
to find a racist message spray painted on their garage. >> reporter: a tech company ceo, his wife and four others unaccounted for after a fire levels a waterfront mansion in annapolis called the castle. i'm scott broom in annapolis. coming up the search for victims. >> reporter: i'm stephanie ramirez in northeast d.c. where we saw a pack church today. family and friends came together to honor the life of the woman who died in last week's l'enfant plaza incident. on the day we're pausing to remember dr. martin luther king, jr. an ugly slur painted on the door of a home in chevy chase. >> let's get right to peggy fox live in montgomery county with the police investigation. >> reporter: this is where officers were called out to investigate this hate crime. the racist message had the n word in it and an ugly message spray painted in large red letters on a family's garage door. >> i looked out the window and
6:00 pm
saw very clearly on the garage door. >> reporter: on a chevy chase home where a black family just moved in four days ago this is what he saw, a variation of the n word and then go home. >> it's really horrible, really shocking. >> reporter: richard and rita who live across the street hadn't even met the single mom and their kids when they had to tell them about the ugly racist message on their house. >> rich went over and said did you realize what was on the door? and we wanted to help them take it off as soon as possible. >> reporter: they called montgomery county police who are investigating it as a hate crime. >> i am personally horrified. i'm a holocaust survivor. my parents were murdered by the


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